Ice Rink / Warming Hut

The Rink Is Open For The Season

Special THANK YOU to all involved in helping clean, flood and maintain the rink to get it open!

Ice Rink Maintenance

  • For safety, please follow all posted rules.
  • For ice quality, please follow the “rink closed” notice postings (if applicable). This will allow us to maintain the ice for further use.
  • Being on Libby Pool (SKATING, WALKING, ETC) should be done so AT YOUR OWN RISK as ice thickness may vary at any time.
  • WARNING – Ice skating or playing hockey is done at your own risk. The Town of Gorham is not liable for any injuries or damages resulting there from.
  • The Parks & Recreation Department will work when possible and as needed to maintain the surface of the ice (flooding / cleaning). If you find it necessary to use the rink and it has not been cleaned off, please ensure you clean the entire surface free of snow left on the ice as it may refreeze and diminish the quality of the skating surface.

Rink Rules

The Gorham Libby Recreation Complex Skating Rink is an unsupervised and is a “Skate at Your Own Risk” facility. However, town employees have the right to ask anyone behaving inappropriately to leave. Please note that use of the rink is subject to weather, ice conditions and scheduled programs & events. Occasionally, the rink will be closed if conditions are not optimal or if usage will damage the ice for further usage (please stay off the ice and give us time to clear it or regain proper ice conditions). Closings will be posted on the Gorham Rec Department website and Facebook page. Users are strongly encouraged to wear helmets and other protective gear. Always skate in control and be considerate of others!

Rink Hours

Warming Hut & Lights

Is open; sunrise to 9:00pm (lights will automatically turn on at 4:30pm and turn off at 9:00pm)

Open Skate

Open Skate is for anyone who would like to skate. Sticks & pucks are not allowed during these times (listed below). If the rink is not being used by skaters during open skate hours, then pucks & stick may be used. However, if one person shows up to skate, then pucks & sticks must come off of the ice completely.

Monday, Wednesday & Friday7:00 am – 9:00 pm
Tuesday & Thursday7:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday10:00 am – 9:00 pm

Pucks & Sticks

Pucks & Sticks (hockey) is for anyone and allowed only during posted hockey times (below);

Tuesday & Thursday6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday7:00 am – 10:00 am

Except for times listed above, sticks and pucks are not permitted when any public skaters are on the ice. Pucks are not to elevate off the ice (remember safety of others).

Contact Information

Questions or Comments

Questions or Comments – Gorham Parks & Rec. Dept. call 603-466-2101

For Emergencies

For emergencies call 911 or (Police Dept.) 603-466-3336

Non-Emergency Police Department

Non-emergency (Police Dept.) please call 603-466-2334